McKesson is one more company who is also actively purchasing a number of companies and they all seem to relate to those that are reimbursement and software integration models.  That is is what the focus is today in healthcare, the payer end.  Back in November of 2010 they purchased US Oncology. 

McKesson Buys US Oncology Informational and Web Services Valued At $2.16Bimage

Earlier this year in March the company also acquired a British software company, again in the Health IT area that does business with the NHS.

McKesson Buying British Software Company, System C-A Microsoft Technology Partner

From the Portico website:

“Portico Systems' innovative solutions enable health plans to reduce administrative, medical and IT costs. Portico's exclusive focus on provider operations and provider experience has allowed Portico to design the only modular end-to-end provider platform. Portico invites you to explore our website to learn how our commitment to customer service, quality and technology innovation can accelerate the evolution of your health plan's provider operations. Portico Systems is a partner company of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE)”

One item promoted on the web site is “Provider Intelligence” and there are tons of those applications out there and available today along with forecasting so we can assume we have some behavioral analytics rolled in here too. 


This offering was somewhat of interest or let me say the title of the offering is “Lean Provider”, how to be one of these and from the folks I talk with today, most already feel they are pretty lean.  When you look at so many of these they all start to run together and look the same.  I’m not sure what value based reimbursement means in total concept but I would think all reimbursements contain value <grin>.  It is just a bit more of the competitive marketing lingo we see out there today. 


Integration of Solutions to Help Healthcare Organizations Efficiently Navigate New Delivery and Value-based Reimbursement Models
Today, McKesson announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Portico Systems , a leader in solutions that enable healthcare organizations to design, build, service and provide value-based reimbursement to their complex provider networks. This pending acquisition will allow McKesson to bring together a unique set of financial management competencies for payers and accountable care organizations that include the claims auditing and decision management tools from McKesson Health Solutions, as well as the connectivity solutions from RelayHealth.

“The ability to create new products that use value-based reimbursement to align payers and providers on achieving the right outcomes is a key strategic imperative,” said Emad Rizk, MD, president of McKesson Health Solutions. “Portico will further enhance McKesson’s ability to help organizations efficiently navigate and manage increasingly complex delivery systems.”

McKesson to Acquire Portico Systems | McKesson


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