Ok so who’s the next “digital illiterate” to play on the web and do something stupid while we as taxpayers have to sit and watch this act of not participating in the right levels of technology.  Perhaps some members imagecould read over here at this blog and learn up.  Rep. Weiner just had one hard lesson relative to privacy which now might serve to even make him a stronger privacy and consumer advocate as now he knows how easy it is to get caught:)

Now to make matters worse and more digital illiteracy coming forth we have House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) calling for a congressional ethics investigation, so how much more time are we going to waste on this issue? Ms. Pelosi could use one of those internet services and pay a few dollars and find out all kinds of information  without this huge expense for the tax payers so double whammy here on not knowing what can be done with the internet! 

I swear if we could drag these folks screaming out of the 70s we would all be so much further ahead.  The internet has data trails and people who will tell on you so get used to it.  What goes on the internet stays on the internet, so come out of denial mode, this is what the rest of us live with for goodness sakes.  The internet can be a place to boost your ego, but when you are in a public position, watch it.  

Spend some time on issues like this, with states that don’t have the money to comply with the laws being passed with next to impossible rules and regulations to meet that are barely enforceable without the right IT infrastructure and look at the money allocated here.  This is the future and where digital literate lawmakers are needed.  Quit ignoring people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who try to help and educate you. 

Cash Strapped States Tapping Into Philanthropy For Help With Both Interpreting Healthcare Laws & IT Infrastructure to Comply With Federal Regulations

To add further insult to injury, look at this bill, get the right technology to sort it out for members of Congress so everyone sees the same thing at the same time, then go off into committees to work on solutions, change the methodologies. 

Out of Focus Lawmakers With Digital Illiteracy–Bill To Make It A Criminal Offense for Embedding You Tube Videos and Time And Money Wasted With John Edwards Case

I’m really sick and tired of these ridiculous distractions and disruptions as such and you can throw Edwards right in there too.  Mostly is has been the GOP with their huge lack of digital literacy but now we are seeing it is thick on both sides.  It all about interpreting and working with those algorithms. 

Are We Ever Going to Get Some Algorithm Centric Laws Passed for Healthcare!

Companies like IBM have tried to present the technology needed today to swim through the masses of data out there and the legal system needs it too, so please get out of the 70s and get some digital literacy to at least be able to recognize the tools you need to make laws and quit screwing up on social networks that throw your fanny out to the wind for all to see.   Businesses today use this technology and can cook up a new business plan and structure in around 48 hours or so and start implementing so that’s why Congress is always behind the 8 BallIt’s all about machine learning technologies. 

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

You know I’m thinking with all the profiles that are bought and sold today on the web that those belonging to members of Congress might go for a real premium as I am guessing they use all those coupons out there too:)  Here’s a great video and lecture done at Stanford University that is good for anyone to watch, “you are the product” and Rep. Weiner found out he was one heck of a product this weekThe video takes about 30 minutes to watch and there is one very humorous part that elates to digital illiteracy from years back with former Senator Ted Stevens talking about the “tubes” of the internet. 

You Are the Product–Privacy Anonymity and Net Neutrality On the Internet - Excellent Stanford University Lecture (Video)

So how about it Congress, are all members going to come crawling out of the 70s and get some real digital literacy so we can once again have some faith and further more will this literacy lead members to recognize the technology tools they need to do their job?  I won’t hold my breath but would really like to see some huge improvements as the donkey and elephant shows are getting old while the country continues to sink.  BD 

Rep. Anthony Weiner on Monday admitted sending sexually suggestive photographs or messages to six women online over three years, but said he wouldn't resign over his behavior or the lies he told to cover it up.

The New York Democrat's effort to control the damage caused by disclosures about his secret online life didn't satisfy his party's leaders.

Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York Admits to Sending Photo - WSJ.com


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