The words, “the cheap stuff” was a term that came from Baxter’s own internal records and I’m assuming it could have been emails or other reports that brought imageabout the term maybe from a marketing area.  You can read the article below where I suggested a couple of years ago to have reports electronically sent from factories to the FDA to indicate certified lot reports.  These would be tamper proof and give raw data on contents.  I would think both side would like this and it would help pinpoint problems immediately.  Of course it’s not 100% proof, but it would certainly help.  Last year B. Braun recalled a number of lots too. 

FDA Heparin Investigation In Conjunction with Chinese Officials Strained and A Lot of Unfinished Business And No Technology Advances to Help the Cause

Also, while we are at it, knock off those “blind” shipments that do not show the real location of origin.  There’s a lot of that going on too, many years in logistics I learned that in a hurry.  BD 

Baxter International has lost the first lawsuit in its ongoing legal battle over the contaminated heparin scandal in 2007 and 2008.
A US court has awarded $625,000 to the estate of Steven Johansen, who died in December 2007 after taking a Baxter heparin product contaminated with over-sulphated chondroitin sulphate (OSCS)

"The active pharmaceutical ingredient in the contaminated heparin received by Mr. Johansen and other Americans was obtained from Baxter/SPL's Chinese supplier, Changzhou SPL (a joint venture with SPL)," said the Nolan Law Group, which represented Mr. Johansen's family, in a statement.
"This crude heparin was referred to in the companies' own internal records as 'the cheap stuff'," it alleges. 

SecuringPharma - Baxter loses first heparin lawsuit


  1. this is hog wash Judge was retired and a new Judge will be filling in for the suite. After the Judge ruled that Baxter had done nothing wrong and the court would not allow judgement... was the judge paid off sure how else can you read whats up there than set in court and hear a total reverse of has happened... If US has congress mens seats for sale dont you think you can buy a judge...

  2. I know thats rite!! Baxter killed my dad in 2008, and now tring to make me take $15000, how can you offer some pocket change, for a death that you cause. I think its time to go public . People stand up. And stop letting things like this happen.... Becouse of heparin ..


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