There’s substance to this as let’s go back to August of 2010, Intel CEO Paul Otellini says the same thing and he said it the year before that and the year before that one.

Intel CEO States the US Faces Decline in Tech Jobs–Announces imagePurchase of German Wireless Chip Company Infineon

The CFO of Intel has said this too.  This is not talking about entrepreneurs but rather company employees as gosh knows we have software freelancers coming out our ears today, but corporate America needs them too or they go elsewhere. 

Intel CFO – US Not Taking High Tech Job Creation Serious Enough – A Reminder That We Are Falling Behind

In 2005, midway through the Bush administration, Microsoft's Bill Gates told a Washington audience that curbs on immigration and guest workers would provide a boost to research institutions in China and India. A year earlier, then-Intel CEO Craig Barrett warned that the U.S. must dramatically improve its education system. “  Bill Gates had said it many times.

Bill Gates speaks at UC Berkeley Global Health, Education and Thoughts on Philanthropy

Bill Gates even gets more specific with lawmakers, what in the world are you doing he asks?  We see the same old stuff with abortions and Weinegate so what a crappy example our lawmakers create at every level and we do have a President trying to address and make a difference, but digital illiteracy is killing us. 

Bill Gates–TED-Talks About States Budgets (Where Are You Getting Those Algorithms) and Educational Needs (Update)(Video)

What’s even worse is we have even fewer females in engineering and this is a good video from Social Networking King Robert Scoble talking about it.  He says there’s plenty of women in tech companies, but not in engineering which includes programming and development.  Let me tell you something here too as I am in complete agreement with his comments on society being ready for “logical” women who code, he says the world is not ready to accept this fact yet in society and I can tell you first hand he is 100% correct.  I never wanted to be logical but once I learned how to code I became that, so this profession changes the way women think, as we get real smart and “logical”.  I am very logical and thus you see my frustrations here with lawmakers who live in the past and sink us down with rhetoric of the 70s and who are completely out of focus so much of the time as “non participants” in technology as they seem to think that all of it is “for those guys over there”.

He also states that there are not enough engineers period in the US.  The gal from Fox adds in and talks about her lack of math interest.  Engineering is like a “think tank” and I can agree with that:)  In short the President is tuned in, while Congress is not. This is probably what we will end up with, a stupid law that will make us all criminals for embedding videos. 

Out of Focus Lawmakers With Digital Illiteracy–Bill To Make It A Criminal Offense for Embedding You Tube Videos and Time And Money Wasted With John Edwards Case

What further scares me is the inability of lawmakers to recognize a tool when they see it.  BD

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

Computerworld - WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is making a push to train 10,000 new American engineers a year, primarily with the help of the private sector.

Obama is trying to address the nation's persistently high unemployment level by boosting the number of people with skills in areas where unemployment is relatively low. Engineering fits that bill.

The unemployment rate in 2010 for all engineers was 4.5%. For software engineers it was 4.6%, and for all computing professionals, 5.4%, according to U.S. Labor Department data analyzed by the IEEE-USA.

Obama: 'We don't have enough engineers' - Computerworld


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