I received notice by email today that the Blue Cross formularies in Epocrates are no longer being hosted by Epocrates due to a loss of an agreement with Anthem Prescription Management.  Has anyone else received such notice?  I received another one a couple weeks ago with the discontinuing of a couple other formularies too, which were not as big as Blue Cross. 

This appears to be a system wide non listing and Epocrates is asking for support and feedback on this.  I use the “free” formularies to look up medications quite frequently from my cell phone and this will represent a big vacant spot, but at least the $4.00 generic formularies are still there, as I find myself referencing those more and more today, but these are my needs only for now.  Others may really have more of a detailed reference though, especially physicians using Epocrates.   I also keep an open look up section on the blog with Epocrates, so fee free to use it anytime you need to look up a drug, it is very thorough and does the job quickly.  I hope there are not any more to drop from this valuable data base and information system.  BD 


You have received this email because you currently have the following formularies selected in your Epocrates profile:

Anthem Prescription National
Anthem Blue Select
L.A. Care, Blue Cross Medi-Cal
Blue Cross of California
Blue Cross MCal/Healthy Family
Anthem Blue Cross & BlueShield

We regret that Epocrates will no longer have an agreement from Anthem Prescription Management, LLC to host these formularies. Please be aware that these formularies  will be deleted from your device the first time you Auto Update (sync while connected to the Internet) after October 18, 2009. If you are currently using this formulary through the Epocrates® Online web-based reference, it will no longer be available after October 18, 2009. You do not need to take any action to update your Epocrates formulary profile. 

We would like to be able to host every formulary you need but we must have an agreement with the health plan to do so. Your support helps. 

We encourage you to email AnthemWellpoint@epocrates.com, or the health plan directly, to provide your feedback on the discontinuation of the formulary. Messages to the Epocrates email address will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate person within the Anthem Prescription Management  organization.

Thanks for your attention and support,

The Epocrates Team


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