In November Remote Area Medical will continue on to Palm Beach County, Florida, another known area where many well to residents and those not so well to do live.  This makes a point here that there are people in need everywhere.  We all saw on the news and I covered it quite extensively on this blog the work they did in Los Angeles, review the related link below for more details and videos. 


If we had a system in healthcare in the US that worked, it would put these folks out of business, which is I’m sure what the founder, Stan Brock, would love to see, and their efforts in helping those who can’t afford healthcare truly stand out today, humans helping humans, something that seems to get lost in the translation.  Support Remote Area Medical if you can, they are doing a wonderful and human service.  You can also follow their events on Facebook now too.  BD

ROANE CO., Tenn. (WVLT) -- After setting up sites around the country, Remote Area Medical is back in East Tennessee. And people are lining up for their free health care services.

At Roane State Community College, the demand for medical attention is overwhelming.

For hundreds of volunteer health care professionals, helping East Tennessee's uninsured or under-insured, is difficult. "It is hard to see these kind of numbers, and I do know that we're doing the best that we can," says Brewer. "We need something to happen with health care."

But health care seems more difficult for those who sit and wait.

"There's nothing that's working, nothing. So this was our only hope and if they tell us they can't do it, " says Cynthia Lewis.

Cynthia and her husband, Bart, have been here since midnight, up from Cleveland for a chance to see a dentist.

RAM is overwhelmed in Roane County

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