Everybody is being marketed today and physicians seem to be getting more than their share, or maybe I should say more than they want.  Business models now on data collected are going the next step to define it down to a minute level with companies using data bases and business intelligencimagee software to help guide pharma reps on what makes you tick.  If the drug reps are not getting it off the bat, there’s further training now that will help them.  I’m sure this is not the only organization out there doing this, but one I just happened to run across.  

Anyway, it might make one stop and think about whether or not they want to opt in or out when allowing prescribing data to be shared and used by pharma, you may be getting an extensive profile in the process today when meeting with pharma reps to help their performance at the same time.  BD 

Your goal is simple: win in the field by educating physicians on the benefits of your products for patient care. What isn't so simple is to know exactly how to accomplish that in today's environment. It takes more than just tracking sales rep interactions with physicians; you also need to understand the effectiveness of those interactions to get a complete picture of your performance. That is why we created

AdvantageBuilder database that has captured in-depth physician attitudes on over 600,000 sales rep/physician interactions and the resulting changes in behavior for hundreds of products in dozens of therapeutic markets. We've built validated models that reveal your in-field sales and marketing performance by accurately translating physician attitudes on your rep/physician interactions into their actual impact on prescribing behavior.

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