The attorney for the doctor states the complaints are being made to destroy his business from competitors.  This sounds like a good place to imageapologize as has been recommended so many times in the news and on the web, maybe?

So far the judges have ruled there has not been any wrong doing, but the disciplinary proceedings start in January.  The article lists 3 patients on record but doesn’t mention if there may or may not be more patients involved.  BD  

An Anaheim Hills urologist faces possible state discipline for allegations that he botched several penis enlargement surgeries, according to the California Medical Board.

Dr. Gary Rheinschild, 75, faces possible discipline that could range from a public reprimand to loss of license. Rheinschild is accused of gross negligence in his treatment of three men and of practicing despite signs of cognitive impairment.

His Costa Mesa attorney, Erin Muellenberg, said that a judge recently ruled that Rheinschild is not impaired. She said the complaints to the state were made by competitors seeking to destroy his reputation. In national news publications, including the Washington Post, he's been described as often performing reconstructions on penile enhancement surgeries gone wrong. Rheinschild's Web site says patients can achieve an increase of one to two inches in length and girth.

The disciplinary proceedings are scheduled for January.

To look up the disciplinary record of California doctors,

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