What is wrong with this guy?  I would actually start to feel sorry here if he wasn’t make such big dollars with some of the nonsense.  I’m starting to wonder if he has progressed past the 70s.  I don’t think he’s getting it, but it must be making for good entertainment, even though facing the loss of so many advertisers.  As a flashback when he was in the hospital not too long ago, we heard a totally different story, so again, what’s happening here, is it just mere ratings we are chasing?  It’s the algorithms Glenn making decisions and not a tree, and that is the focus of how the economy face is changing and why things are happening the way they are, software and the business intelligence methodologies that carve out income where there was none before with transactional values and maybe Fox might be looking more seriously at theirs these days.  BD


Glenn Beck is out of his tree: Demands the rest of the media play his guilt-by-association conspiracy game | Crooks and Liars

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