One more step in the advancement of telemedicine, send the scans through the internet to a specialists if one is not available.  These are the sameimage folks with the Bluetooth Stethoscope which is now available.  At the rate medical devices are going, I might wonder when the technology might get to the point where we go buy a disposable pack, get in front of our web cam and do it ourselves, in other words another extension of the physician web cam visit?  The Department of Defense is up to be the first users of the system.  BD

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Zargis Medical Corp. said Thursday the Food and Drug Administration has approved its Signal X6 heart and lung scanner, which can take cardiac scans and transmit them through the Internet to specialists.


The device records signals from the heart and lungs through six sensors. The data can be viewed on site, but can also be transmitted if there are no cardiac specialists nearby. Zargis said that after the approval, it delivered seven Signal X6s to the U.S. Army. The sensors will be used in six Department of Defense medical facilities.

FDA approves Zargis' Signal X6 heart scanner -


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