This is a real thought provoking article and offers some very scary ideas, but some thoughts are things we are already seeing today.  I have embedded the entire article below to read.  I read it through and read it again.  Are we slowing eroding here to have all the work and jobs move offshore, a lot already has moved from the US and you would have to be living under a rock or never read the news to be aware of that factor.image

Now how does healthcare fit in here, very carefully, if you will.  In doing this blog I research and investigate a lot of new medical technology and I don’t always necessarily agree with implementation and use, but publish such as an awareness as I want everyone to be aware and educated, so this is my little world of contribution if you will, and one of the biggest issues I find is getting people to read.  Nobody wants to read and give up a few minutes of entertainment every day. We are on a roller coaster with technology and if you don’t keep it, it will pass you by.  This is exactly why I repeatedly use the word “algorithms” as the formulas are what is controlling all the decision making processes today, understand that fact if you get nothing else from this blog.  

When you look at this first paragraph below, there is a smaller number of people needed in many areas, due to technology doing a lot of what we used to do by hand, and again if you have not seen this, take a look around, it’s there.  The technology swing in healthcare is just getting started, we will be using more devices and have more information before we get to see our doctors in the future, it is what it is, and some of it is about as intrusive, disruptive  and impersonal as it can get, but I don’t think there’s any stopping progress here, so we need to adapt somehow and keep a healthy level of a state of mental well being.  That challenge is huge, everywhere.

Again, I am not saying right or wrong here, but just give this some thought and how some of this is throwing healthcare some real left curves today and how we all need to contribute to get through all of this and get a foundation and plan that will work for all.  BD 

Roughly speaking the world's economy has always worked as a giant pass-along-game between the planet’s citizens. Person A needed stuff from person B and person B needed stuff from person C and person C needed stuff from person A. So everyone needed everybody. It has been a kind of giant circle of needs.
But as a smaller and smaller number of people are needed to make the basic things that people need for survival, from food to energy, imageto clothing and housing, the less likely it is that some people will be needed at all.

In the long term, technology is almost certainly the solution to the problem. When we create devices that individuals will be able to own that will be able to produce everything that we need, the solution will be at hand. This is *not* science fiction. We are starting to see that happen with energy with things like rooftop solar panels and less expensive wind turbines. We are nowhere near where we need to be, but it is obvious that eventually everyone will be able to produce his or her own energy. 
The same will be true for clothing, where personal devices will be able to make our clothing in our homes on demand. Food will be commoditized in a similar way, making it possible to have the basic necessities of life with a few low cost source materials

Clearly, more and more jobs will move from more developed nations to countries like China, and it is difficult to see how, as this process continues, the United States retains its leadership position. In fact, it seems entirely possible that the U.S. will exchange places with less well-developed nations. Yes, there will certainly be fabulously wealthy people in the US, because many US companies will own these highly productive businesses. Unfortunately, that wealth will be held by a very small number of people. And their operations will need to employ very few people.

GDP will increase as demand for labor **decreases**! How is that for the ultimate economist's oxymoron?

The Real Problem With The Economy Is That It Doesn't Need You Anymore

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