If you are affected and have one of these models you have a choice it appears of a new model replacement or refurbishing the old unit.  The ones in imagequestion with the faulty chips were sold during 2007 and 2008.  BD

SEATTLE — Philips said Monday it is recalling about 5,400 HeartStart FR2 automated external defibrillators due to a possible memory chip failure that could make the device unable to work properly.

The defibrillators are used by trained responders and designated response teams to help treat sudden cardiac arrest.

Only certain defibrillators are included in the recall. They are the FR2 AEDs distributed by Philips that have model numbers M3860A and M3861A, as well as others distributed by Laerdal Medical with model numbers M3840A and M3841A. All recalled models were made between May 2007 and January 2008.

From the website:

You can choose a new FRx as your replacement device.

Includes free carry case, 1 set of pads, battery, and fresh 5-year warranty.*

HeartStart FRx

The HeartStart FRx is the newest member of the HeartStart family of defibrillators and it offers a host of valuable benefits.  It is a smaller, lighter unit than FR2+ and it uses the same 1-2-3 layout of the FR2+.  The FRx offers the same reliable SMART Analysis and SMART Biphasic therapy.

Exchange your affected unit for a new FRx, with free carry case, 1 set of pads, battery and fresh 5-year warranty.

Alternatively, you may replace your affected unit(s) with a refurbished FR2+ device that will carry the remainder of the warranty of your current device (approximately 3 years for most affected units).  If you choose a refurbished FR2+ as a replacement device, no additional accessories will be provided.

Exchange your affected unit with a refurbished FR2+.

The Associated Press: Philips recalls some HeartStart defibrillators


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