This is a good comprehensive report, including comments from members of Congress, both sides.  The comments are interesting when talking about health insurance, where most are happy with their policy.  Watch the video when you have some time to spend.  Also worth watching the the documentary “Money Driven Medicine” below. 

Money Driven Medicine – Taking Back Healthcare ...

One of the big questions that comes around to answer “is this real healthcare reform and not just words”…that’s a good question for sure and in my opinion, and yes I have said this before but it is time for digital algorithmic centric laws, to spell it all out, words and reams of paper don’t create reasonable and meaningful use bills or laws to cover “high frequency healthcare”. 

Would Someone Explain Data Aggregation and “High Frequency ...


Questions are then asked:

Does your health insurance have a cap?  I don’t know

Does it cover having an organ transplant?  I don’t know

Does it cover any pre-existing conditions?  I don’t know

There are more questions but these are the common responses when consumers are asked about their health insurance. 

Interesting one comment made on diabetes, Medicare will pay to amputate your foot, but they won’t pay for pre-diabetes care, education, eating, etc.  Shown in the video is Downey Community Hospital that just filed bankruptcy. 


Interesting too how one Democrat, Tom Hartman from Iowa, talks about adopting 161 amendments of the Republicans and not get a single vote for the bill.


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