Gee, this one even interests me.  There’s no compensation for the trial, but there’s also no expense, free=free on this one.   BD

UC Irvine is looking for volunteers for a clinical trial in which scientists will test a new method for reducing the sag  that develops in some people’s lower eyelids once they become around 30 years old.image

Brian Wong, a researcher at UCI’s Beckman Laser Institute Medical Clinic, says he’s evaluating “the safety and effectiveness of the FDA-approved Holmium: YAG laser” for this type of cosmetic surgery.

Wong is looking for volunteers who are “30 to 50 years-old, with good skin elasticity and not a lot of excess skin. We’re also looking for people who haven’t had eyelid treatment, and those who do not have eye disorders.”

Wong emphasized that he isn’t looking for older candidates who would benefit more from traditional lower eyelid surgery.

If you’re interested in Wong’s study, call nurse Montana Compton at 714-824-9265 or send email to

Got baggy eyelids? UCI might fix them — for free - Sciencedude -

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