Iridology is a holistic approach in some circles and you can read more here at the International Society.   I mention this as it is not an FDA approved imageprocess, but they are conducting studies, so again, just supplying information here. 

Now, this device is around $120.00 and connects to a usb port on your computer, and the belief is by studying the eyes, a lot of information about your well being can be determined.  I wouldn’t perhaps say go out and get one and bring all the software results to your doctor as of yet either, but you could possibly find out information about yourself that could hold some interest.  Also I wouldn’t suggest putting all your friends and neighbors though the analysis unless they are curious and again, keep the information in the proper context here.  Again, the International Society of iridology can give you some direction as there is MD involvement in studies and information at different levels.  Anyone with any additional information on this science and who had additional information, please feel free to comment. 

As the one article mentions from Engadget, you could screen all your blind dates here (grin).  BD 

Iriscope System Functions:

  1. Adjust brightness through either software or switch on handle line, delete the photos, and adjust the focus, quick fixed photos with white balance and high stability of colors. Connects directly with computer without outside power and easy to operate.
  2. The software can save the client information and irises also the details of products that you recommend them. After taken the photos, you can analysis the irises and later compare the irises pictures when your client comes back to see their progress. Can print an analysis report. Save the photos according to the date & time you take the photos. 
  3. This machine will help the client know his health condition, including the problem which you have had in the past. The Iridology will be your health counselor, tell you how to keep away from the illness.



  • Main body: Commutator with on/off switch.
  • Handle. Switch for left & right eye light
  • Iris lens 30X
  • Size: 22.5cm*20cm *12cm
  • Weight: 0.5 KG

Uxsight: 1.3M Pixels Portable Digital USB Iriscope for PC & Iridology Camera : Webcams

Hat Tip:  Engadget and Cool Gadgets


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