The field of medicine just keeps on growing and changing.  On this site you get a free 5 minutes consultation, so I am guessing that this would mean imageyou have a simple issue.  I see there are logos where credit cards are accepted as well, so it appears the 5 minutes is pretty much a start to acquaint a patient with the service.  The instructions from the website are listed below.  This is done via a phone call once you register as a user on the site.  This is necessary before you can go any further.  Not too long ago I ran across a service that is located in India that will give free image readings, and has all the usual disclaimers on the site, but they are trying to attract both doctors and patients. 


The service is available in Canada and Australia as well.  If they are not available, you will see a blinking light that tells you they are away.  I did see some individuals on the east coast working late, or at least their name showed available on the site. 


You can get another 5 free minute consultation for every 10 feed back reviews you post about your consultation, so they want you to talk about your experience and the doctor.  So perhaps if you have one consultation and write up 30 reviews, does that add up to a potential of 15 minutes free, well probably not, but just pondering here.  BD


1. Register as a User - Registering is quick and easy! Simply fill out the registration form and you are all registered.
2. Choose Your Doctor - Depending on what you are looking for in a Consultation will determine what Doctor you want to talk to. With hundreds of Doctors to choose from it is guaranteed you will find the Doctor that is best for you. 
3. Get Your Consultation - When you find the Doctor of your choice, click Call Now. Your phone will ring. Pick up and press any key except for 0 to accept the call.
4. Leave Feedback - Be sure to leave feedback after your Consultation. This will help the Doctors know how you felt about the Consultation and help future users know what type of Consultation they will be getting.

How It Works


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