State Health inspectors at work in Los Angeles county, not enough help in the ER, one nurse couldn’t do it all as the other two were out ill.   Nursing shortage is starting to show in the emergency rooms.  BD

A Los Angeles hospital was forced to close its emergency room earlier this month because of understaffing after several nurses became sick with the flu, authorities said.
Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center, at 2231 S. Western Ave., just south of the Santa Monica Freeway, voluntarily closed its four-bed emergency room Sept. 18 after a surprise visit by state health inspectors, who found that two of three emergency room nurses were out sick, according to hospital CEO John Fenton.

The 213-bed hospital has a staff of 700, but has few nurses trained to work in the emergency room, which was added two years ago, Fenton said. The hospital is owned by Tustin-based Pacific Health Corp.

Flu absences prompted Los Angeles hospital to close emergency room | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times


  1. no mention of sick nurses in the employee memo dated 9/21/09. Mostley blaming the emloyees for the unannounced DHS visit on Sat morning. Due to Employees calling the labor board to complain of LAMMC asking us to hold onto our paychecks for 7-8 days every pay period!(for about 6 months) and....the 10% pay cut on all employees. So, mr Fenton blamed us for the DHS visit & in turn the ER being shut down. Wow...Real ETHICAL!!!


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