Clinical trials are on going with a device that administers the drug vaginally instead of taking an oral medication.  I have mentioned several times here that drug delivery systems are changing, many going the inhaler route and here’s one more example at new delivery systems being investigated.  The imageobvious advantage is not having to go through the entire digestive system and hopefully less exposure to organ damage.  BD  

"The goal of our study was to find a better way to treat menstrual cramps," said Giovanni M. Pauletti, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Cincinnati and the study's presenter as well as past chair of AAPS' National Biotechnology Conference Planning Committee. "Existing oral medications cause significant gastrointestinal side effects for women, creating additional discomfort while alleviating menstrual pain. Results from our Phase I clinical trials show that this new vaginal device safely delivers at least 10-times more drug to the uterus as a tablet of equivalent dose."

New Device Could More Effectively Alleviate Menstrual Cramp Pain


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