If you are a small or solo practice and want a basic and simple EMR, take a look at what the Ablet Factory has to offer.  First, learn how to use One imageNote and then you can move on from there.  You will need a copy of Microsoft One Note to use the software.  Below is the Ablet Word manager for handwriting recognition, which you can use with or without One note as a dictionary for recognition and and words to your dictionary, for $250.00, it’s a great tool for use anywhere with a Tablet PC.  BD

OneNote2007 EMR Suite

The abletFactory is pleased to announce the release of its latest product, OneNote2007 EMR Suite.  Following the release of previous Toolkits, this product supports the newest version of Microsoft's OneNote 2007.  A new graphical user interface (GUI) and faster operation make this version the one to purchase for your first EMR.  Also included is the new Microsoft Ribbon control, an easier and discoverable way to do your tasks.


OneNote2007 EMR Suite includes:

EMR Toolkit functions for using your own forms and templates.  

SOAP Note generation. 

e-Prescribing functionality.

* Also with 64-Bit and SQL Express support

Price $695



The tool to own for personalizing your Tablet's handwriting recognition. Merge words from MS Word. Order this product if you want all the SPIDs! Especially valuable for Health Care professionals that are interested in medical specialties.  Includes SuperMed SPID, 140,000 Medical words and terms.  This is a combination of all Medical SPIDS including SNOMED. The SuperMed SPID can also be used to customize the MS Word Dictionary for Medical Terms.  If you find it frustrating the the default Microsoft Word dictionary doesn't recognize the medical terms you write every day, there's a simple way to make the spell check work for your specific needs.  Just customize the Word dictionary so that the default dictionary points to the SuperMed SPID.     

price $250



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