This is a good interview with Mike Arrington, VC and Founder of Tech Crunch.  Guess what, he talks about the importance of the “algorithms” in the evolution of the search engine.  He said they can be up front and play with business models, and integrate with Linux, cover a lot of ground.  Funny Mike happens to ask if he has his Zune handy and he did not, well you can’t expect every CEO to come fully equipped at the drop of a hat.

One item he speaks about are devices that represent over 300 million in sales, needing more than one manufacturer and we are starting to approach this with medical devices that report data as we are seeing more, especially with blue tooth and they all are talking to cell phones.   He discusses their efforts to get heavier into the high performance computing, servers, software, etc. something they want to focus on.  Mr. Ballmer also expects Microsoft to be purchasing additional companies next year too. 

He said they are not talking about buying Twitter, but sees it as an asset.  Good interview from Mike Arrington.  You can read the full transcript at the post link below.  BD 

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer visited Silicon Valley on Thursday for his annual meeting with top venture capitalists to talk about Microsoft product strategy. This was his first visit to Silicon Valley since announcing the search partnership with Yahoo in July.

I had a chance to sit down with him just after that event for a hour-long one-one-one interview. In the first 10+ minutes of the interview Ballmer gives his high level thoughts on major Microsoft products and strategies (including Windows, Windows Mobile, Internet Explorer, Bing, Azure, Mesh, Natal and others), competition, the future of search and search marketing, Microsoft’s “three screens and the cloud” strategy, the recent acquisition of Interactive Supercomputing and, yes, even his thoughts on Twitter.

Exclusive Interview With Steve Ballmer: Products, Competition, The Road Ahead


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