Hopefully Mr. Von Eschenbach might be able to add some past experience to the committee to look forward towards a future solution, maybe some on what worked and what doesn’t work.  One item mentioned is speeding up the process for approving new drugs, well this is a catch 22 of sorts as we all want safety, transparency and confidence to know we can safely take a drug with minimal side effects.  Until that end of the puzzle comes imagetogether we are all still just beating our heads against the wall.  In the oncology area, this is a bit different with drugs that extend life, etc. and is it’s own arena, as we are talking about patients with a limited time to be treated or be cured in some instances. 

It comes back around to the algorithms again that lead us to the answers, and all the information in the world is useless until an progressive and functional analysis is made.  The problem here too lies in the ever changing world of technology and new methodologies being created overnight, business models that change in 24 hours, so as soon as you feel you may have a grip on perhaps one side of the issue, tomorrow brings a new left curve.  It’s the way the world works today. Our entire government structure is playing catch up for years where we did not keep up and the algorithms of private industries and their ability to quickly create advanced business models in less than 24 hours; it is killing us information wise and with investing, all at once, it simply is what it is.  

Our government is pretty much been placed in the area of playing “defensive government” due to past lagging efforts and denial, again working diligently to bring balance and well educated leadership to the top. 

Old methodologies add information to a solution, but they are not the solution, something we need to remember as time moves forward.  I’ll go back to something I talk about here frequently, algorithmic centric laws and this could also be expanded into the think tank areas possibly as well.  Create a base, update daily and study the newly added information with adequate mining software to look at the brand new picture that appears every day.  With the available information we have today, decisions that are sound and make sense are getting harder to come by and there really is no one individual that is the great white hope, teamwork and analysis is the better frontier to explore, and as mentioned, that is a daily challenge too.  Due to the new world of teamwork being the methodology that creates change, the continued demise of the CEO that still focuses on old standards will continue to erode as well, as transparency today brings all of this to light.  BD 

Former FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach has joined Newt Gingrich’s health think tank, the Center for Health Transformation, as an adviser.

He will lead the center’s “21st Century FDA Modernization Project,” which will look at improving the effectiveness of the FDA, according to a press release. Von Eschenbach, an appointee of George W. Bush, left the agency this year to retire to his home state of Texas while still doing some health-related consulting. His government work also had included heading the National Cancer Institute for several years.

The Center for Health Transformation project wants to speed up the approval of new drugs, which its spokeswoman said in a statement take 17 years to get to a patient. Doctors at the Public Citizen Health Group have said that 17-year figure is inflated and represents an industry viewpoint.

Von Eschenbach Takes New Job — Trying to Overhaul FDA - Health Blog - WSJ


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