In case you missed it on the web, this woman was in a wheel chair and booed at one of the Town Hall meetings, sad.  This video gives her a chance to speak out and talk.  The life she has today is a far cry from the business woman she once was in Manhattan years ago.  She makes some good points about healthcare reform and why we need it.  Again, the video of the town hall meeting was sad with all the for hire folks just screaming and disallowing of helpful information and interaction to take place and we know how they got there and some maybe even paid for their disruption.  BD

Marianne Hoynes shares her thoughts on the health care system

No longer able to walk, Hoynes tried to voice her fears about rising prescription costs at a town meeting in Red Bank and gained internet fame when she was accused of being a "social parasite."

Hoynes’ crime — according to the people who booed her at the meeting and vitriolic websites like "Sick for Profit" — is that she is on Medicare.

Dually diagnosed with two progressive autoimmune diseases that attack the joints and central nervous system, Hoynes fears she will lose her house because, with medication costs, she can barely afford property tax.

Hoynes says her monthly injections cost nearly $2,000, of which her co-pay is $386. Medicare would cover more if she used generic drugs, "but there is no generic version," Hoynes said.

She does not support the current reform bills because "they carry over the flaws in the old system," such as prescription and treatment caps.

She fears the "powerful insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies will pressure Congress to dilute any reform until it’s just more of the same old profit-driven, loopholed mess."

National health care debate hits home for N.J. residents | New Jersey Real-Time News - -


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