Not too long ago we had the admitting that ghost writers were used by Wyeth to market the HRT treatment, and for a flashback, you can view the video from a few years ago about how the horses were not getting a good end of the deal either.image  Sales numbers today are still over 1 billion even with the potential of developing breast cancer. 

Wyeth Used Ghostwriters - Video of the Premarin Horses

I’ll reflect back on a prior post where I spoke with Dr. Erika Schwartz on the subject of bioidentical hormones. 

What I find somewhat strange is the fact that bioidentical hormones also reduce hot flashes, experience speaking here, so why not do the same with bringing a drug to market that combines bioidentical drugs and one for osteoporosis at the same time.  Is there not enough money in it? 


As mentioned in a prior interview, there are many, including me who would like to see a comparison of bioidentical hormones and Premarin lined up and numbers compared on cancer risks since the women’s imitative in 2002.  See my interview with Dr. Erika Schwartz where we discussed this issue.  It would also as a nice side effect to save some horses too while we are at it if in fact the bioidentical drugs are shown to be safer. 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy– Interview with Dr. Erika Schwartz

In short, we both agreed on “where’s the numbers” when it comes to comparing bioidentical to Premarin?  There is a lot out in the media today about women using bioidentical drugs and the fact that they are safer, but how much safer and how do they compare to the Wyeth horses urine HRT treatment. I’m amazed today with all the data bases we have built that someone cannot produce such a report, insurance companies for one would have plain raw statistics on who has breast cancer and which drugs they are taking as they process and pay claims, so again would someone step up to the plate here?  If bioidentical drugs numbers show a smaller or less impact on developing breast cancer, we all certainly would like to know so the FDA could use appropriate labels on those bioidenticals that are FDA approved.  In the meantime the Wyeth suits are continuing to find cause that the drug did cause breast cancer.  BD 

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Wyeth’s hormone-replacement therapy drug Prempro caused an Illinois woman’s invasive breast cancer and she deserves $3.7 million, a jury decided in Philadelphia, without yet deciding whether the company was at fault and should pay her.

Jurors deliberated about two hours and 15 minutes before concluding that Wyeth’s drug was a proximate cause of Connie Barton’s breast cancer. Barton, 64, was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, five years after she began taking Prempro to treat menopausal symptoms.

The Barton case is the first over the drug since the U.S. Supreme Court’s March 4 decision saying patients can sue drugmakers over injuries from medicines approved by the government. The ruling broke a logjam of cases in state and federal courts.

Wyeth’s Prempro Caused Woman’s Cancer, Jury Decides (Update2) -

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