You need to enroll before December 18th to be eligible for the six month risk-free trial.  Additional information is available at the web site.  Back in July I interviewed Rohit Nayak, VP of Sales and Clinical Information Solutions at MedPlus, the technology end of Quest Diagnostics and you can also find some additional information, images, etc. relative to Quest Care 360 and what directions they are taking for the future. 

Quest Diagnostics and Health IT – Interview with Rohit Nayak, Vice President of Sales, Clinical Information Solutions Group, MedPlus

If you are already using Quest Care 360 for your lab orders and results, the good news is that the same data base can be used with Care 360 e-prescribing, so again one less item to worry about with integrating patient demographics. 


Also worth a mention is the fact that lab results can be sent directly to the patient PHR (personal health record) too with both Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault and if you have an iPhone, Care 360 use is available there as well.  BD 

Quest Diagnostics today announced a six-month, risk-free trial of its Quest Care360 ePrescribing service, a Surescripts-certified solution which allows physicians to access formulary information, act upon Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerts, handle refills, send and print prescriptions and take advantage of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) incentives.


To further drive adoption of ePrescribing, Quest Diagnostics also announced that physicians who are using Care360 ePrescribing service from their personal computer, can now access these services from their Apple® iPhone™ or iPod touch® using Care360 Mobile. With Care360 Mobile, physicians subscribed to Care360 ePrescribing can, from their iPhones, create and send a new prescription in three simple steps using medication and pharmacy databases, and can also renew existing prescriptions. The application can be found under Medical applications in the Apple App Store and downloaded at no charge.

Also worth Noting for the future:

Care360 EHR is currently in beta testing in physician practices across the U.S. and scheduled for
release in Fall 2009. According to Mr. Mahoney, Quest Diagnostics is committed to Care360 EHR
becoming designated as a certified technology as part of the 2009 American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act stimulus package, and to helping physicians meet the requirements for
"Meaningful Use" and realize the maximum incentives allowed.

Quest Diagnostics

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