Not too long ago I posed about a Scientist at Pfizer and her story on what happened and how she became ill.  There’s quite a bit to it including an imageexplosion at the facility where she worked and disposal of lab material.  This story today talks about a death so perhaps standards on working conditions should be up for discussion.  BD

Injured Pfizer Biotech Talks About Biotech Safety and How She Became Infected and Sick at the Lab - Pfizer Won’t Release Health Records to Her Physician

“Becky McClain, worked at the Pfizer laboratory in Connecticut and was working on stem cell research when she incurred biological exposures while on the job. She has been fighting since that time to obtain the right to her exposure records which are necessary for healthcare and compensation for her injuries. The company still refuses to release these records. The federal lack of protection of the introduction of new technology in the workplace is a growing danger not only to those technology workers but the public at large.”

CHICAGO - The University of Chicago Medical Center says the infection that killed a scientist may be connected to bacteria he researched that causes the plague.
The university said Saturday that its researcher studied the genetics of harmful bacteria including Yersinia pestis, which causes the illness. He died Sept. 13. His name and age haven't been released.

Ill. scientist dies, possible plague bacteria link --


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