With the present state of the economy and mess of healthcare that lives in the “old normal” and a Congress that has not come to terms with the image“new normal” here’s more relief for those needing prescriptions.  A 2 week prescription of the antibiotics listed below will be free to those with and without insurance, refills too for 8 types of antibiotics.  BD  

Here’s a new way to get people to shop in your stores: Offer free drugs. San Bernardino supermarket chain Stater Bros. said it will give a free 14-day supply of selected antibiotics, including refills, to anyone with or without health insurance coverage who presents a prescription.

The antibiotics will be available only at the 28 Stater Bros. locations in Southern California that have pharmacies. Check with your local Stater Bros. to find a location, or click here for a list of Stater Bros. stores with pharmacies.

The supermarket chain will give away eight different classes of antibiotics, including:

-- Amoxil (generic)
-- Ampicillin
-- Ciprofloxacin (Generic for Cipro)
-- Doxycycline
-- Erythromycin
-- Penicillin
-- Trimeth/sulfa (Generic for Septra or Bactrim)
--  Tetracycline

Some antibiotics free at Stater Bros. | California Consumer | Los Angeles Times


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