Here’s another new creative way to get quick healthcare information from Twitter.  You can find the cost of drugs in zip codes, find a generic imageequivalent, which would be my top choice when looking to see if certain drug has one, and you can get a quick response on medical conditions/health issues.  All you need to do is follow AskCH on Twitter and you are set and ready to go. 

Imagine leaving the doctors office with a sick kid. You're anxious to get home, but need to pick up a prescription...without spending a fortune. Use AskCH, and have the info at your fingertips. 

Format for Your Questions:

Below is a list of the questions you can get automated answer for. You will only get an answer if you ask the question in the proper format, so make sure you stick to the rules.


askCH from change:healthcare – Use Twitter to Save Money on your Healthcare


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