One plastic spoon was found lodged in his lung, amazing it was found.  We all talk about eating in a hurry at times and about inhaling our food, but in imagethis case it looks like it really happened!  The patient said he had a habit of eating quickly and in a hurry, mostly hamburgers from Wendy’s, so no spoon condiments in the future for him.  BD

(WHAS11) - For two years, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with John Manley, who was spitting up blood.

Finally, doctors discovered the problem, a piece of a plastic spoon stuck in his lung. 

“My assistants that were working with me started spelling out these letters. They started making out that there was an AMB. We eventually realized that this was a hamburger. The word "hamburger". This was a surprise to all of us,” said Dr. Wahidi.

The doctor took the spoon out and Manley says he can breathe easy again.

Medical Mystery Solved: Man swallowed Wendy's spoon 2 years ago | MEDICAL NEWS | | News for Louisville, Kentucky


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