This has been on going for a year and made all the headlines and now it’s back once more.  The hacker supposedly showed what they had with an example and now the FBI with their investigation confirms they have more.image

The Hacker still wants their money and continues to hold the data hostage and so far as we know they have not released any more information, again holding out for the extortion request of the money, but Express Scripts stated that 1,771 records had been accessed without authorization.  BD

An ongoing investigation into the breach of personal medical records held by pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts took a new turn yesterday. The company claimed the alleged perpetrator was trying to prove they held more records than originally reported.

The breach was first reported a year ago, when an unidentified culprit claimed they possessed 75 personal records of Express Scripts customers, including in some cases names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and prescription information. The culprit claimed they had access to millions of other records, and would release the information unless their monetary demands were met.

Now, the company claimed, the FBI informed them that the alleged culprit does have access to the records.

The company has already notified 1,771 customers in New Hampshire that their information was compromised, according to DataBreaches.Net, but Express Scripts spokesperson Maria Palumbo said there was no evidence that any of the breached information had been misused.

"We did send letters to members across the country," Palumbo told the Dow Jones Newswire.

Express Scripts Extortion Scheme Widens

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