This is from the Huffington Post today where Dr. Oz contributes. 

Is this the future of healthcare in the US, functioning like a 3rd World County?  imageRecently we had the Remote Area Medical in Los Angeles too.  Somewhat makes you really stop and think if we had a healthcare program in the US, would we be able to see an end to healthcare being handled on the “Rodeo” floor, or the “Concert” hall floor of the Forum in Los Angeles?  BD

Dr. Oz Speaks Out on Health Insurance and HealthCare Reform and the Free Clinic In Houston

“Smart people are working on the legal and financial nuances of fixing health care in America.

Others are creating a distraction for reasons I can't imagine.

Is Distraction Getting in the Way of HealthCare ...

My best contribution is to bear witness to the true nature of the life-threatening struggle facing one in seven Americans and make them real to my television audience and the American people so our policy makers have the empathy of the electorate while making decisions. My hope is that we get to a day when I never have to watch an echocardiogram on a floor normally reserved for rodeo trade shows. My hope is that no one else ever has to break our record. While I am proud that the patients who came understood someone loved and cared about them and got them desperately needed care, I feel a sense of shame that Saturday had to happen at all. Do you?

People ask me which senator's plan I like. I really have no interest in discussing the dollars and cents of health care or specific insurance plan options. I purposefully extricate myself from that conversation because I don't think 14-month old Ana leigha's heart is a political discussion.”

Mehmet Oz, M.D.: The Shame in Breaking Records


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