The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners has closed the careers of some individuals who worked it states primarily in Salons, under the direction of physicians who were giving Botox injections to patients.  Medical assistants are still allowed to give other injections such as flu shots and imagevaccines.  The ruling is said to be the outcome of a hepatitis outbreak, but again that could happen anywhere with any injection.  One MD commented that doctors are not at the facility at all times, so again, I guess you be the judge on this one, fair or not and is the change going to protect patients?  BD 

One day she was making up to $300 an hour at The Body Spa injecting Botox into patients w ho wanted to hide their wrinkles. The next day all she could do was inject her opinion into a growing public debate on what medical assistants should be able to do.

"It's not fair," the medical assistant said, weeping as she sat at a table outside a coffee shop in Henderson last week. "I've been injecting Botox and other (cosmetic) fillers for years. My patients love me.

"They tell me I do it better than doctors. And now, just like that, the medical board said I can no longer do my job. Why this change?"

The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners has suddenly forced change in a big way to the delivery of vanity cosmetic procedures. Emergency regulations enacted Friday reinforce a long-ignored rule that prohibits medical assistants from injecting people with Botox and collagen drugs. These assistants have been working in salons operating under the license of medical doctors.

The new regulations do allow medical assistants to provide flu shots and vaccinations, practices which it turns out also were prohibited under the 30-year-old law.

EMERGENCY ACTION: Medical assistants feel pinch - News -


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