This has to do with surgical procedures that are elective, in other words the hospital states it will still continue to treat emergencies, etc. with any imagenorth American tourists, but does not want to incur the legal risk involved for surgical procedures that are in fact promoted via medical tourism, as an example a knee surgery.  Other hospitals in Switzerland state they will continue to work with north American patients though at this time.  BD  

Zurich University Hospital has stopped treating North American "medical tourists", fearing million-dollar claims from litigious patients if operations go wrong.

"The directive applies only to patients from [the US and Canada] who come to Zurich for elective [non-essential] health treatments," Zurich University Hospital spokeswoman Petra Seeburger told

"It is not because treatment is not financed; it is because of different legal systems”. 

In a statement the hospital said it was "not prepared to risk astronomical damages or a massive increase in premiums".

Seeburger emphasized that the restrictions only affected people not domiciled in Switzerland.

Zurich hospital turns away US health tourists . – swissinfo


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