They are not in operation yet, but wow has this promise of cheap sequencing gone down in price once more, and of course when they are open for business I would assume you could use your PayPal Account to pay.   image George Church has to be turning an open ear to this one for sure.

Last week 14 more individuals were sequenced with their records to be made public by Complete Genomics.

Complete Genomics Sequences 14 Complete and Accurate Human Genomes

Complete Genomics was talking around $5000.00 last I read, so this is a huge price drop and again no word on a target date as to availability.  I think at this price even Francis Collins at the NIH would have an open ear too and want to know more at this price as it really becomes affordable. 

Francis Collins named Director - “Cracking the Code” at the NIH

This is amazing when you stop and think back to where the cost was at the very beginning stages, as it was not too long ago that a full sequencing was around 350,000. 

I wonder if the  Polonator has been retired yet, which was the the first sequencing machine created at Harvard by George Church not too long ago and at this point it’s almost ready for the museum of genealogy, even though it is only a few years old!  BD


PayPal co-founder and Founders Fund Managing Partner Luke Nosek is tackling a new field: DNA sequencing. Nosek sent out an email (which we’ve pasted below) saying that he has joined Halcyon Molecular, a human genome sequencing firm, as founding president.

According to the email, Halcyon will sequence complete human genomes in less than ten minutes and for less than $100. This is significant drop in price and time from existing genome sequencing labs that take weeks and thousands of dollars to process DNA. Nosek writes that he will continue to lead The Founders Fund’s genomics investing, but his primary role will be leading and advising Halcyon as the company progresses and readies for launch. Nosek adds that Peter Thiel, fellow co-founder of PayPal and Managing Partner at Founders Fund will be joining Halcyon’s board.

PayPal Co-Founder And Founders Fund Partner Joins DNA Sequencing Firm Halcyon Molecular

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