Just this weekend Dr. Oz held the free healthcare one day clinic in Houston.  Staggering numbers when he states that 1/3 of the people in Houston imagedo not not have insurance.  Obesity is discussed and how education works, making things easy to adopt is a focus with Dr. Oz. 

Dr. Oz didn’t even realize the numbers of uninsured we so high in Houston when he selected the city.  He talks about penny-wise pound foolish care, and how it is not working.  He uses a diabetic truck driver as an example who may have his foot amputated.  It takes 2-3 days to get seen at the ER so he can’t take time off work to be seen, Catch 22.  He states we are going to pay for care, no matter what.  This is reality of what people are facing today and Dr. Oz is not taking it lightly. 

He also addressed the individuals who showed up feeling “ashamed” of not being able to afford healthcare, those who are working, doing the right thing but just can’t afford the coverage.  Low income families with food stamps creates obesity, and again it comes back around to educating people on how to eat and live healthy.  What is also very interesting too is to notice how the newscasters appear to be totally out of touch and as soon as he begins speaking about reform, namely health insurance, the subject was somewhat quick to change, denial from many and we see a lot of that today.  BD 

'The Dr. Oz Show' and the National Association of Free Clinics Host One Day of Free Public HealthCare


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'The Dr. Oz Show' and the National Association of Free Clinics Host One Day of Free Public HealthCare

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