Why is glucose testing becoming a game, check the link out below for more information.  Some may have a different opinion and I can understand both sides of this imageargument too.  By making it a game do we lose some of the importance here, or are we encouraging kids to monitor their glucose?  I can’t say myself which is perhaps the right answer.  I do say as I commented below, we do like to be entertained and sometimes this is an avenue to get attention.

Why Games Will Take Over Our Lives – I Agree It Could As Sometimes Is The“Only” Item That Motivates Any Kind of a Learning Process – Entertain Me or Otherwise Don’t Bother

You can view the online videos here. 

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From the website:

“We know diabetes can be a lot of work at times. That’s why we created a place where kids can go to hang out and have fun.

What is Bayer’s DIDGET™ World?

Bayer’s DIDGET™ World is a password protected web community for kids who use Bayer’s DIDGET™ meter. At the site, kids can join the community and play games.

Earning & Redeeming Points

Kids can earn reward points for blood sugar test results within their personalized target range, the number of tests per day and the minimum time between tests. Plus, they can earn bonus points for consistently testing at least three times per day every day for at least one week, and up to 90 days. Kids can use these points to purchase items in the games, unlock mini-games and customize their experience on Bayer’s DIDGET™ World.

Registering for Bayer’s DIDGET™ World Web Community - will be available soon.”

Press Release:

Bayer Diabetes Care announced the introduction of the DIDGET blood glucose monitoring system in the United States. DIDGET is the only blood glucose meter that connects directly to Nintendo DS and DS Lite gaming systems to help kids manage a lifelong disease by rewarding them for building consistent testing habits and meeting personalized blood glucose target ranges. Bayer's DIDGET meter is now available for purchase in the US through CVS.com, Drugstore.com and Walgreens.com.

Bayer's DIDGET meter links play with purpose for children with diabetes by tapping into kids' existing passion for handheld gaming. Bayer's DIDGET positively reinforces consistent blood glucose testing habits by awarding points that kids can use to unlock new game levels and customize their gaming experience.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the DIDGET blood glucose meter recently and it is now available for a suggested retail value of

$74.99 through leading online pharmacies. Nintendo DS and DS Lite gaming systems are sold separately and are not required or needed to use the DIDGET meter.

Bayer's DIDGET World Web Community is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox 3.0, 3.5, 3.6. For more information, visit www.bayerdidget.com.


  1. Diabetes is a very serious disease and regular glucose monitoring is necessary so if a game will make it more palatable for children I say great!


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