In viewing the video, Mr. Davies appears to have an English accent so it seems he was from the British Isles originally so for him to travel back to where things are familiar are not as stressful as going to a country where you don’t know anyone.  He did save huge dollars and was able to “afford” the surgery too.  His story in essence is a little different than perhaps the average US citizen looking for surgical procedures outside the US.  As you read on, the surgery was done at a private hospital and was not on the NHS in any way as far as I can tell from this article.  BD


(CNN) -- When Godfrey Davies learned he needed surgery to remove polyps blocking his nasal airways, the self-described bargain shopper set out on a mission to find an affordable surgeon. He quickly learned a good deal is hard to find.

"The total numbers they were throwing at me were just incredible. I couldn't believe it," he says.

Davies, who is semiretired from his real estate business and uninsured, says he received estimates from two surgeons. When hospital, anesthesia and incidental fees were all tallied, the cheapest price he could find in Indianapolis, Indiana, was $33,127 -- which he would need to pay out of pocket.

Frustrated that his bargain shopping saved him so little, Davies called on family in the United Kingdom for assistance. When they told him they had found a private hospital in Wales that would perform the surgery for $2,930 [or £1,897], Davies didn't think twice.

He purchased a $768 round-trip ticket, and on March 18, he boarded a flight to the UK to have his polyps removed there at a savings of nearly $30,000.

'I can't afford surgery in the U.S.,' says bargain shopper -


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