Walgreens is really on the move with getting into the screening mode here and collecting healthcare data combined with involving their pharmacists with additional patient consulting.  Just recently United Healthcare announced a pay for performance program employers who can have their employees enroll with Walgreens to consult for additional information and classes if the Ingenix data algorithms they run indicate a consumer is “at risk” of developing diabetes.  Not sure what the parameters are of “at risk” yet as this is not for people that are already diagnosed as diabetic.image

UnitedHealthCare To Use Data Mining Algorithms On Claim Data To Look For Those At “Risk” of Developing Diabetes – Walgreens and the YMCA Benefit With Pay for Performance Dollars to Promote and Supply The Tools

AARP is participating with the bus move and is a big marketing arm for selling Medicare part D health insurance for United Healthcare and others, which has been in and out of the news over the last 2 years with Congress investigations with plans being changed and some have been discontinued. 

Walgreen Pilot Program – Consultation with the Pharmacist Who Sends Meeting Details to Primary MD

As well as benefiting from free screenings, additional data is collected and analyzed so be aware that your data being collected is going somewhere and be sure to ask about your privacy as I always advise at things change quickly today.  You may get a good return on your time with some helpful information, but Walgreens and AARP and perhaps United too are looking for the same, a good return on services provided and it may not be money but data that leads to money through algorithmic business software analytics.  The entire push today is to get the patient involved sooner with paying attention to their own care, and as always, they will be prepared to give you more information to help you out.  BD 

DEERFIELD, IL (April 21, 2010) /PRNewswire/ — The AARP/Walgreens Wellness Tour today kicked off the second leg of its two-year, national mobile health screening tour with a goal of providing more than $60 million worth of free health screenings by April 2011.

Health screenings are a critical method for detecting potential diseases before symptoms are noticed. In fact, of those screened during the 2009 tours:

The AARP/Walgreens Wellness Tour, which aims to administer more than 2.5 million free screenings, will conduct health-screening events in more than 3,000 communities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico with the two-year campaign. The free screenings—which include total cholesterol levels, blood pressure, bone density, glucose levels, waist circumference and body mass index—will help provide adults with a critical foundation for early disease detection and prevention. To date, the AARP/Walgreens Wellness Tour has administered more than $27 million in free screenings.

The AARP/Walgreens Wellness Tour is comprised of nine custom-equipped buses with dedicated staff of certified health screeners that travel separate routes canvassing the country. Each bus spends several days in designated cities providing free services at local events, community centers, Walgreens store locations and other select locations with a special emphasis on underserved communities. Screenings are recommended for adults age 18 and older. After the screenings are performed, a pharmacist or staff member instantly provides the results and reviews them with the consumer. Visitors also have access to free educational information on a variety of health and wellness issues that are available in both English and Spanish. Consumers are encouraged to visit a doctor or health care provider with any concerns.



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