Now what is it in our DNA that causes this (grin).  This look like a real product but I’m not sure here, but who am I to say.  Makes a great wedding gift (funny). image

Gee I wonder if this problem is discovered in some of those sleep apnea studies, never thought about this before (grin). 

It is charcoal filtered, like like a comforter, same fabric the military used to protect against chemical weapons. 

Is your spouse stinky enough to be considered a “chemical weapon”. 

A couple years ago I did a post about a real product for this purpose charcoal filtered underwear, Under Ease, so if the blanket does not do the trick, you may need additional reinforcements here.

Here’s the video for the reinforcements (this is real product).  BD

Kiss your marital woes goodbye. Just don't kiss the blanket. Why, you ask? Because it's not only absorbed not only your troubles, but also your partner's nighttime bonanza of flatulence. The "Better Marriage Blanket" (obviously the number one cause of mediocre marriages is sleep-farting) not only exists, but it may be the first device created solely to fight farting.

The Better Marriage Blanket Eliminates Flatulence, Saves Relationships (VIDEO)


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