imageThe entire deal is slated to finish by the 4th Quarter.  Charles River is located in Massachusetts and WuXi in Shanghai, China.  WuXi acquired App Tec in St. Paul in 2008, so that helps explain the names.  The company already has several other international locations in the world.  This is a big move for additional research and development to be done in China, outsourcing. 

Charles Rivers clients include several big pharma companies and they also perform a lot of animal testing and research.  I am guessing we will perhaps see some “pooling” of research information as this moves along too.  WuXi is a pharmaceutical outsourcing service provider.  1.6 billion is the price tag.  As well as pharma and biomedical products the company also performs GMP testing for medical devices to include delivery systems.  BD

From the Charles River Website:

“For more than 60 years Charles River has been helping our global partners accelerate drug discovery and development by providing them with tailored research models and preclinical and clinical support services. Our offerings span the entire drug development process, from discovery through market approval, providing our clients a seamless partnership throughout.

From the global standardization of our research models, to the high standards we set for our professional team and our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, we can customize our products and services to meet customer’s specific research needs. With facilities around the world, Charles River is the ideal partner for moving a compound from animal to man in a rational, cost-effective, and timely manner.”

“Charles River provides both early- and late-phase clinical support services. With our experience in both routine and procedurally intensive studies, we can conduct well-designed clinical safety programs and offer expert oversight to correlate and verify preclinical findings. Our clinicians can assist in determining a drug’s pharmacologic action, metabolism, side effects, as well as its overall clinical safety through a wide range of clinical study types. As clinical trials begin, further in vitro and in vivo nonclinical studies performed within our global network of facilities provide additional information to support continuation of clinical trials. With 250 beds, we have the resources to conduct Phase I clinical trials, including complex first-in-human trials. As clinical trials move to Phase II, III, and IV, Charles River offers a wide range of support services, specialty toxicology programs, process manufacturing testing, and regulatory advisory personnel to bring new chemical compounds into the marketplace.”

April, 26, 2010 - Charles River is pleased to announce plans to acquire WuXi AppTec, creating the only global CRO to offer fully integrated drug development services from molecule creation to first-in-human testing. The combined company, which will retain the name Charles River, will offer enhanced support for your research programs through our comprehensive portfolio of early-stage drug development services and expanded global presence.

WuXi AppTec is a leading drug research and development outsourcing company with significant expertise in discovery chemistry. It was established in 2000 and has steadily grown to more than 4,000 employees with operations in China and the United States. Together with Charles River, a leading global provider of both research models and associated services as well as preclinical drug development services, the combined company will have 12,000 employees, providing unparalleled support for your early-stage drug development needs.

Charles River Announces Plans to Acquire WuXi AppTec


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