Dr. Kevorkian is getting some new press on his beliefs and what he feels he needs to do in life.  This is probably being revamped a bit due to the HBO movie that has imagecome out with Al Pacino playing his role in “You Don’t Know Jack”.  I posted about that last week and you can view the trailer at the link below.

'You Don't Know Jack' – Movie About Jack Kevorkian Premiers on HBO Next Week – Al Pacino

He discusses how he used a van to help patients and his course of action was to end suffering and he claims doctors are cowards.  At any rate a very interesting interview and listening to his points of view on various topics and states that doctors play “God” all the time and it runs interference.  He’s not religious and doesn’t know if he believes in God or not. 

His goal was to set up a machine to allow the patient to push a button.  Overall a very controversial topic about patients who want to end it all and where this can go.  Again, the 60 minute interview and tape is revisited in his discussion.  He stated that the family cannot be there with the patient due to legal complications.  He’s a free man now and off parole and is watching to ensure he doesn’t go to prison again, so this too may give way to new press recently arising.  BD 

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  1. Great interview! Dr. Kevorkian is an exemplary physician role model.


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