There’s a lot prostate cancer news today from the FDA.  Provenge from Dendreon is a process to where blood is taken, send to Dendreon and injected back to the patient, using their own immune system to battle and extend life.  In a prior post I went into detail about the process and how it works.image

Dendreon “Intellivenge” Algorithmic Software Supporting Administration of Provenge – Seeking FDA Approval by May 1st

Also in the news today was the FDA fast track approval for Prostvac, which is a somewhat similar drug created outside the US and also extends life.  Prostvac is what is defined as “off the shelf”, in other words it is a series of injections that doesn’t require the use of the patient’s cells to administer.image

Prostvac Receives Fast Track Status From the FDA – Prostate Cancer Vaccine

Let’s hope we see research and development as such in other areas of cancer too, we can sure use it.  BD 

WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration has approved a first-of-a-kind prostate cancer treatment that uses the body's immune system to fight the disease, offering an important alternative to decades-old approaches.

The drug is intended to treat cancer that has spread elsewhere in the body and is not responding to hormone therapy. Provenge is made by taking immune cells from a patient's blood and exposing them to a protein found in most prostate cancers. That encourages the cells to attack the cancer.

Provenge is given intravenously, with a total of three doses given approximately once every two weeks. The agency said 192,000 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed in 2009, and 27,000 men died of the disease. Prostate cancer most often affects older men.

FDA approves Dendreon's cancer drug Provenge -

now and if you haven’t followed this company as far as development, politics, the FDA and more, it has a little bit of everything.  Even with biotech drugs getting approved today, it’s all about the software that combines the efforts of the drug to bring reporting and other significant data together.  The biotech drug from Dendreon, Provenge is used to extend life for those suffering with terminal prostate cancer and is the the first of it’s kind treatment to stimulate the pa


  1. Looking for clinical trials with these drugs for Ovarian Cancer patients. Cancer has spread to lymph nodes and looking for a drug that will shrink the tumors there.


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