This about takes the cake here on either distraction, ignorance or just flat out lack of any compassion if the other 2 didn’t fit.   I can understand taping down imagea Medic Alert bracelet so it would not get caught or injure someone else.  As mentioned in this article even a small sweat band worn over it temporarily might do the trick too, during gym class.  If kids take them off, they might forget to put them back on and lose it, so we have lost the purpose of the bracelet to save their lives if they needed it. 

This was case with a first grader and even if they decided to to remove it, do you think the teacher might offer to keep hold of it until after class was done and then offer to help the child put it back on…..or is the teacher afraid of some kind of legal thing, or are we back to that old lacking morality issue?  This is just plain stupid and we have meetings ongoing to come to a conclusion on what is the proper procedure here.  BD

Tracey Brown's daughter, Tianna, said she had to take off her MedicAlert bracelet during her Grade 1 gym class because jewelry was not allowed.

It was the third time this school year that Tianna, who has asthma, has been told by staff at Brampton's Westervelts Corners Public School to remove the bracelet.

"I'm disgusted because my daughter's health is at risk and they're not taking it seriously," said Brown, 38.

"The child is not in a position to disagree with a person in a position of authority," Ridge said. "I believe that it's up to the caregivers involved ‹ in this case it happened to be teachers ‹ to better understand the issue and understand why the MedicAlert bracelet is worn in the first place and how critical it is and potentially saving that child's life."

The solution is to encourage parents to speak with coaches, referees and teachers regarding policies concerning MedicAlert identification, he said.

Kids told to remove MedicAlert bracelets | Canada | News | Toronto Sun


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