With both healthcare reform and financial reform on everyone’s mind, Larry King talks to “The Donald” to get his views and some discussion about Arizona.  He sees China as a threat to our financial security.  He says Goldman was just part of the problem and they are “one of many” in the ointment.

He compared the banks to casinos with all side of the table represented.  He talks about the fine lines and he said Senate wanted “face time” on television and thought they were not getting it.  He’s afraid of driving business out of the country.  He says his friends in China think our politicians are not too smart.  He’s out there speaking his mind.  We heard that last year at the HIMMS convention as far as healthcare is concerned.  As in anywhere, those who don’t participate and learn a few new tricks are a bit lost. 

U.S. Congress has an inadequate understanding Value of Health IT – HIMMS Opening Session


I will add my 2 cents worth here on participating with the technology side of things.  I saw all these big “paper” books and the thing that went through my mind is why are they still having meetings and discussions using no technology.  We have digital methodologies now and we are pushing healthcare to move that way, what’s wrong with everyone else doing it?  We are lucky here in California as Gov. Arnold uses it. 

Goldman CEO (and Senate too for that matter) could use an IPA... on Twitpic

“Where’s page 55B?”  That was the question if you watched some of the hearings.  BD

Donald Trump Defends Arizona's Immigration Law


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