Office Ally has updated their information with some images of how their EHR imageappears for use.  With all the talk today about simple and easy to use systems, this certainly looks to fit the bill here from what I can see.  It looks pretty straight forward and is certainly affordable.  What I also noted was the fact that they are kind enough to state that records can be transferred to another system too.  If you are waiting around on stimulus money or are not quite sure which direction you are going, at $29.95 a month it is not going to break the bank. 

They also offer offer the opportunity to get paid for online or e-visits as I have covered previously with Blue Shield of California reimbursing doctors via their services.

Office Ally and Blue Shield of California Collaborate to Provide Online Secure Communications Between Patients and Physicians


I also read where the modules can be moved around, much like a lot of the web pages we see out there today with drag and drop.  I noticed that the overlay has that all very familiar look of “Outlook” too so that can help with reducing the learning curve.  We are reading a lot today about the complicated EHR systems out there and they seem to have stayed with a very simple to use and read process. 

You can see more at the link below or click here.  In helping clients with using various EHR systems, it helps the consultant too have an easy and simple format too.  I do a small amount of billing and their Practice Mate software works well and checks eligibility and sends the claims through their “free” clearinghouse service.  Why pay for scrubbing claims when you can have the insurers pay, as they are the big beneficiaries here and you just want to get paid timely.  BD 


Are you a small practice and not sure which way to go with electronic medical records?  At Office Ally we offer our 24/7 full featured EHR system.  Being imagethe records are web-based and housed on our servers, it is available to physicians 24 hours a day.

Here are a few common screenshots of how it look.  The software has the familiar “Windows” format, so it has an automatic feeling of familiarity for anyone who has used a PC.  There is a tab bar across the top for quick navigation and each screen has “shortcuts” to other parts of the program so there’s no need to have to navigate additional windows to locate another part of the chart.

Office Ally 24/7 Web Based EHR Medical Records – The Nickel Tour « Office Ally Blog


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