Yale University has another murder and this one is not related to the hospital but rather disagreements that occurred between the 2 doctors at a prior hospital where they were employed.  Dr. Wang was fired from the other hospital in 2008 after he refused to take a disability leave.  This is sad story as it appears he tracked him down outside his home.  BD 

BRANFORD, Conn. — A doctor was charged on Monday with fatally shooting a former colleague who was doing postdoctoral work at the Yale School of imageMedicine and with firing at the victim’s pregnant wife.

The suspect had a history of confrontations with the victim and other colleagues that led to his firing from a Brooklyn hospital, the authorities said.

The police here said the suspect, Dr. Lishan Wang, 44, was charged in the killing of his former colleague, Dr. Vajinder Toor, outside Dr. Toor’s residence on Monday morning. The police said Dr. Wang, a Chinese citizen from Beijing who has lived in Marietta, Ga., also fired at Dr. Toor’s wife, but she was not wounded. Dr. Wang has been charged with murder, attempted murder and firearms offenses.

Dr. Toor was walking in the parking lot toward his car at the Meadows condominiums, shortly before 8 a.m. when he was shot several times.

Dr. Wang was arrested after witnesses to the shooting provided the police with details about the assailant and his vehicle, police said.

Dr. Toor worked at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn before joining Yale. “We’re following a hypothesis that the victim and the assailant had some sort of negative interaction at a previous employer,” Lt. Geoffrey Morgan of the Branford police said.

Doctor at Yale Medical School Is Shot to Death - NYTimes.com


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