This is a little off topic but over the years we have seen the exact same thing here imagewhen it comes to politics and I think politicians everywhere are having issues with some of the new technology that captures video and sound, you think?  This one was bad, “she’s an old bigoted woman”…whew….

Don’t ask about those pensions….

How does one recover from this, he visited her immediately and apologized, but, those were some very strong words, politicians could effectively help themselves with some knowledge and participation with some of the news reporting technologies used today, we saw Vice President Biden flub up a few weeks ago, but not to this point.  One more reason to think about losing the idea of “it’s only for those guys over there” attitude all over and that runs rampant over in the US too, the “Shell answer men” or “Monday morning quarterbacks” who think they know what is good for everyone else, but they don’t participate.  We can look forward to more technology trip ups I say if they don’t jump in with the rest of us and learn to live it. 

Oh technology, how we really need “good” role models today!  BD 


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