I really like this technology and it is interesting to see it emerge in entertainment and I would like to see this same technology save lives too, if we can wake up the FDA and some of the drug and device companies to at least take a look.  Scan that stent before it is used in surgery in case it was missed being pulled as people die getting implanted with defective and recalled devices.

Microsoft Tags on CBS Early Show – Wake Up FDA, Pharma and Medical Device Companies –Scan Those Drugs, Medical Devices and Synchronize with an FDA Tag Data Base – Recalls, Theft Tracking and More….

Everybody that reads here, knows I am a fan of Tags and I have an entire series of how they can be used in healthcare, they work with RFIDs too.  Watch the video and see how they are used for entertainment.  I guess that must come first, you think?   This is all free too.  Here’s a short summary of one of the many posts I have included here on how this could be used and they also can put your information into your personal health record, your cell phone with a camera is your scanner. 

The link below explains all.  We have a huge case here of tech denial or the inability to admit that Tags can save lives.

Tags for Use in Healthcare – Medical Stents, Medications - One Scan Away From Safety Information in Real Time

I know some of this is difficult as Congress is just now addressing not allowing government employees to use peer to peer music and video sharing networks, which companies and other institutions have dealt with years ago, tech denial and lack of participation at it’s best at the top levels.  Use that phone and put your insurance EOB information into your PPR, not typing…

Here’s my tags below and they work.  In the meantime we can watch and check out TV Guide starting with the May 3rd edition to get some nice insight and behind the scenes information on some of our favorite television shows.  General Mills uses them on some of their food products too so try it out in the grocery story too.


TV Guide is going live with Microsoft Tag in their May 3rd issue which is already available on newsstands. The TV listings magazine boasts an audience of more than 15 million and according to its Tag instructions the magazine offers “fantastic videos, like behind-the-scenes footage of last week’s men of NCIS cover.”

The publication has a total of 8 Tags and most of the Tags, when resolved,  link to “Cubicle Confessions” & Photo shoots

Below are some examples of Microsoft Tag in TV Guide. 


Microsoft Tag : Microsoft Tag is now in TV Guide


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