Rachel Maddow captures some GOP member suggesting how patients can pay for their healthcare, “get a boatload of Lipitor for a chicken”, I don’t think so but these folks are giving alternatives for those who can’t pay cash for care today and granted there are some isolated cases but this is still more like charity in reality with or without the chicken.  How many doctors are paid with “chickens” today?  “Bring a chicken to the doctor” she says. 

The second clip shows a discussion in the Tennessee legislature that is suggesting that if patients can’t pay cash, they can bring vegetables.  Would a sack of vegetables pay for a liver transplant?  She adds would Kaiser Permanente accept some gingersnaps in exchange for an EKG.  This is funny and how some folks think we are still in the “horse trading” era maybe?

Add on a few other states and we are seeing some very strange laws and regulations being passed lately, like Arizona for one.  What is happening at the state levels?  It’s getting very strange out there and do some of these folks even have a clue?  BD

Rachel Maddow: Stand by your chicken


  1. Interesting, have long done barter in my practice... now combining that with house calls in web platform, it's a true back to basics kind of feel...

    Natalie Hodge MD FAAP
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