Here’s the first security breach story stemming from the hard drives left in copy machines.  I posted this back in February and here’s one potential notice.  The first thing they look for with a machine is to see if is has an IP address and just by sight, that tells a potential thief that this could be one with data. 

Identity Theft Haven – Used Copiers for Sale with Data Loaded Hard Drives and Information Galore for the Taking!image

Remember when getting a new copy machine, ask the dealer about the hard drive or better yet, ask for the hard drive of the machine.  One a hard drive is in the hands of someone looking for information, all they need is a data enclosure for USB that sells for around $50.00 or so to connect to a PC and then all the information is exposed.  This portion is not rocket science and is is fairly simple to do.  Every fax you send and receive is stored as images and there for viewing.  The original story link above shows finding Caroline Kennedy’s home phone number for a simple example so be aware.  BD 

Affinity Health Plan, a New York managed care service, is notifying more than 400,000 current and former customers employees that their personal data may have been leaked through the loss of an unerased digital copier hard drive.

According to a press release quietly issued earlier this month, some personal records were found on the hard drive of a copier found in a New Jersey warehouse. The copier had previously been leased by Affinity and was then returned to the leasing company, the release states.

The disclosure follows the airing of a CBS News report which calls attention to the practice of recycling or resale of copiers whose hard drives have not been properly erased.

Health Insurer Notifies More Than 409,000 Of Potential Breach - information privacy/Security – DarkReading


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