Back in February Remote Area Medical announced a second appearance in the Los Angeles area.  I have added a Twitter Feed below that will direct you to their updates and posts they add can be shared via the normal social networks, this should make it easy to get the word out I hope.  In the Feed below, move your mouse over the “actions” button to share on Facebook, Digg, Twitter and more. 

Remote Area Medical Making An Unprecedented 2nd Clinic Appearance in the Los Angeles Area April 27-May 3, 2010

Just a couple weeks ago, the founder of RAM, Stan Brock received a a prestigious “Ethics” award, this is important as ethics today seem to get lost in the shuffle.  In addition this week I have added a rolling feed for updates and those too will link directly to their Twitter updates. 

Remote Area Medical Founder Receives 2010 Inamori Ethics Prize – RAM Returning to Los Angeles April 27th

Please find registration forms and more info at:
The first clinic from last year was held at the Los Angeles forum and the location for this clinic is at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, which is not too far from where the Staples Center is located.  Today is Sunday and they are handing out wristbands to help organize and be able to see more patients, something that was initiated at their last free clinic in Los Angeles where 6400 people received “free” care.  This is a great charity and we hare happy to have RAM come back to Los Angeles and this also furthers the thoughts that healthcare reform still needs a lot of work, even with the new laws coming into place, some we can’t wait for and affordability is still a number one priority.  BD

Thousands of people in need of medical and dental treatment lined up at the Los Angeles Sports Arena to get appointments for free medical care.
Police described the scene as peaceful, orderly and organized.
The Sports Arena will be converted into a gigantic medical, optical and dental clinic for seven days, starting Tuesday, as the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps returns to Southern California.
Forty medical exam rooms are being set up, as well as 100 dental chairs and 30 vision lanes.

Free Medical Clinic Offered at the L.A. Sports Arena | NBC Los Angeles


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